Sponsor-A-Bed at Tabor House

Tabor House is an accommodation project based in Digbeth that works with people referred from the streets to help them into independent living. Our approach is unique; going beyond offering a warm place to stay and, instead, working with each guest on a strength-based mentoring programme that gives them the chance to plan for their future and find their feet again.

Since opening in 2017, we’ve helped almost 80 individuals, over 50% of which have moved on positively into both employment and rented accommodation.

Run by iShelter, in partnership with Father Hudson’s Care, Tabor House is managed by a small core team on site, as well as a host of trained, dedicated volunteers who work throughout the day and overnight in shifts.

We rely heavily on public donations and the generosity of local businesses, schools, religious groups and individuals. You can see a list of our Partners & Funders here. With the increasing challenges of Covid-19, like many charities, we are looking at new ways to generate income that will enable us to keep doing the crucial work that we do.

We are looking for businesses who are keen to have an impact when it comes to helping rough sleepers off the streets for good. Our Sponsor-A-Bed initiative gives you a tangible way to help people with a hand-up, not just a hand-out.

For £5,000, your business will sponsor one of the eight beds in Tabor House for a year, helping us take someone referred from the streets and go through an assessment process with them. Tabor House helps people who have no access to public funds, supporting them with housing, benefits, immigration status, and more. As a sponsor, you know that your money will go directly to the running cost of that bed for a year, including the 1-2-1 strength-based mentoring programme and employment support that the individual will receive.

In return, your business will be listed as a supporter of Tabor House, with a profile on our website and logo placed within Tabor House itself. We are also looking at ways that we can work with our Sponsor-A-Bed supporters throughout the year, including press coverage, events, site visits (when Covid-19 restrictions allow), and more.

Join our list of existing sponsors, which includes BS Eaton, EH Smith, Friel Construction, M. Lambe Construction, Nash Glass, and Tippers.

With the winter months set to look even more challenging than usual, it is a crucial time for us to be able to help people off the streets and support them into a new life. Please get in touch with project manager, Sharon Fear, to support us: SharonFear@fatherhudsons.org.uk.

If you’re unable to commit to sponsoring a bed but are keen to support, know that every penny counts. Here’s the impact that your donation can have:

  • Basic toiletries for one person – £3
  • Dinner and breakfast for one person – £5
  • A bed for one night – £10
  • Dinner, breakfast, shower, laundry and a bed for the night – £20
  • Bed, food and support for the duration of 1 person’s stay – £1,000
  • Bed for one year – £5,000
  • Operation of the shelter for one year – £120,000


Please get in touch to find out more

Our Sponsor-A-Bed Supporters