How it works

Once a guest is referred to Tabor House, they are invited to meet a member of the team at 7.30pm at a pre-agreed location, before being personally welcomed to Tabor House. The focus is always on making the experience person-centred, so guests always have the opportunity to see Tabor House beforehand.

When they arrive for their stay, each guest is shown their own individual bed, before helping volunteers to prepare the evening meal. It’s all about introducing people to one another and making them feel at home as soon as they arrive at Tabor House.

Following the meal, guests settle down for the evening and have what could be their first night in a bed for weeks or even months. Volunteers remain on site throughout the night, there to support anyone who needs it and ensure all guests feel safe, secure and supported.

The following morning, after breakfast, some guests will leave Tabor House. For the guests who stay for 28 nights, they are supported by a Volunteer Mentor for at least three months.

Guests are invited to meet the Tabor House team at 7:30pm at a designated place, before being welcomed to Tabor House. We like to meet our new guests and show them Tabor House before they come in the evening to ensure that the referral is person centred. Each guest is given their bed and volunteers and guests work together to prepare the evening meal. Our volunteers welcome our guests into Tabor House and give them the support and space at the end of a long day. Quiet time starts at 10:30pm where guests settle for sleep. After breakfast in the morning, guests leave the project at 8:30am. The guests who stay for 28 nights will be supported by a Volunteer mentor dependent on their needs for at least 3 months.