About iShelter

Homelessness and rough sleeping is a problem on our doorstep, quite literally, yet how often do we walk past a homeless individual not really sure of the best thing to do to help? We are trying to do something about that.

iShelter goes beyond offering a warm place to stay; we offer a mentoring programme to work with individuals, give them every chance to find their feet again and make plans for the future. Our mentoring programme has helped many individuals to secure employment and subsequently move to their own rented accommodation.

iShelter’s first project, Tabor House, opened in September 2017, with six beds as a pilot. We have now increased this to 12 beds. Based in Digbeth, Tabor House is managed by Father Hudson’s Care and run by a small, core team who work closely with the management committee and volunteers.

iShelter is making a genuine difference to homelessness – offering people a hand-up not just a hand-out.

History of iShelter

The Story of iShelter began in 2015, when a group of people joined a soup run and experienced the true impact of homelessness, as well as the importance of the support that is provided across the city.

After that night, the group shared a commitment to take positive action to address the problem of homelessness on Birmingham’s streets.

The group started to expand, bringing in new expertise across property, third sector, and marketing industries, to help deliver what is now Tabor House.

The iShelter Management Committee has now started to identify future housing projects to continue building on the work of Tabor House.